The Problem

Local and global mission work has come a long way, and yet still falls way short of Jesus’ Mt. 28:18-20 goal of developing true disciples of Christ (Ekklesia “called out ones”) in every nation that transform their sphere of influence with God’s Kingdom Biblical blueprint.

Historically local/global missions have tried to fulfilled Jesus’ goal through highly trained ministers/missionaries, thereby limiting this Ekklesia to a very small percentage of Believers. This caused a mindset among the mass of Believers that basically thinks “I am not a trained professional minister/missionary; therefore, I will leave that work to the few highly trained ones.”

Our Solution

Jesus, along with His disciples made it clear that every Believer is a minister/missionary to their sphere of influence. Jesus also provided all Believers with His Holy Spirit to lead them into all the truth they need to begin making disciples among their sphere of relationships. Jesus, and His disciples taught and demonstrated that this is best walked out in small groups of Believers that regularly meet to worship, pray, fellowship, grow as Ekklesia Believers, and reach their friends and relational spheres with the message of God’s Kingdom. In Matthew 18:20 Jesus basically said it takes as little as 2 or 3 gathered together in His Name and He guaranteed He would be there in their midst partnering with them.

We simply intend to follow Jesus and His original disciples’ example of forming small groups of Ekklesia, give them access to simple tools and resources, and encourage them to self-multiply until the whole world is evangelized and we see Revelation 11:15 accomplished: all the kingdoms of the world becoming the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We do this by …

Four Overall Objectives

7-phase disciple-making plan

Four Overall Objectives

The 4 Overall Objectives of YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers
(broken into 3 categories)

Objective # 1. To create intimacy with God within our Ekklesia communities, and within the Body of Christ communities, so that we are all together growing in God’s love for us in such a way that compels us to love God back and love/serve people locally and globally in an ever-increasing way to the glory of God. The fulfilling of God’s Great Commission naturally flows from these close relationships with God.

Objective # 2. To mobilize, train, and deploy an army of disciples of Christ to help the Body of Christ finish Jesus’ command to go make disciples among all the nations, by creating various self-multiplying discipleship movements among the remaining unreached people groups of the earth, especially the least reached which dwell primarily in the 10/40 window.

Objective # 3. To mobilize, train, and deploy an army of disciples of Christ, who help the Body of Christ focus on creating various self-multiplying discipleship movements in Austin and the cities throughout the earth, since well over a majority of the earth’s population have moved to cities. Many of the unreached people groups of the world live right here in USA cities and other cities of the developed world.

Objective # 4. To mobilize, train, and deploy an army of disciples of Christ (Ekklesia) who in turn will help the Body of Christ mobilize and train the masses of Christians to disciple Kingdom of God transformation in their sphere of influence within the 7 mind-molding streams of society (Family, Religion, Marketplace, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment). In other words, we intend to train leaders within these 7 spheres of society locally and globally.

The 7 Main Phases to Making Disciples

In the late 1980s, with the Holy Spirit’s leading, we began to discover & develop a 7-point process to help raise an army of true disciples to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations. We use one or more of these facets in every mission thing we do. So, we will be incorporating some aspect of the 7-points in all our YWAM local and global mission work. Since we (Christians) are one Body of Christ, we will endeavor to live out our mobilizing, equipping, and mission work in community* where ever possible.

Intimate relationship with God drives everything!

* “in community” simply means 2 or more people relating or working together towards common interests. John 17 and Psalm 133 wonderfully explains God’s heart for us to dwell together in functional unity with Him even as we already are in total unity with God in our spirit being. This creates Kingdom synergy as Paul stated in Ephesians 4.

All through the Bible, God has made it clear that He intends to work through His people AS THEY PRAY! So, we endeavor to create an air-war of worship and prayer to open the nations to the Gospel. YWAM Austin helps create live-learn environments to help people cultivate a strong daily personal relationship with God. An understanding that true worship is a 24/7 lifestyle will be taught, modeled, and practiced in our schools, YWAM base life, and mission work. From this deep friendship with God, prayer and intercession principles will be implemented in world-changing ways.

From prayer, the ground war of evangelistic efforts will be discerned from Holy Spirit, and implemented in the local and global harvest fields of the nations. Therefore, friendship and other evangelistic lifestyles will be taught, modeled, and implemented throughout our Ekklesia gatherings as well as the mission outreach phases of our mission schools. The goal is to graduate confident, equipped, and experienced local and global missionaries, who will go into the harvest fields where God has them, manifesting God’s Kingdom in Holy Spirit led ways.

Isaiah 61, and Luke 4:18-19 speak of Jesus’ and now our mission to seek and save the hurting, lost, etc., then to help transform them into an ARMY of WORLD CHANGERS. Ideally, we want to equip all those, God connects us with, in a lifestyle of helping one another heal and be transformed Biblically, as issues arise in everyday life, which mostly are rooted in old overlooked issues and or generational inheritances. Thereby, in community we proactively work with God in His sanctification process of our souls.

This Army needs to be well grounded in the word of God and know how to work with the Holy Spirit to fulfill their call. Discipleship lifestyles will be woven through everything we do. The community live – learn environment will be designed to be reproducible anywhere in the world. The goal is to help people be true disciples of Christ and reproduce, even multiply themselves, thereby creating discipleship movements.

Ephesians 4 makes clear the call to the synergy of teamwork. The Holy Spirit networking of the different giftings in the Body of Christ “causes the growth of the body (Body of Christ) for the building up of itself in love” (Ehp.4:16). So, our mission efforts will contain strong live-learn equipping in how God made us as uniquely gifted individuals. Next, a working understanding of how God made others will be combined with His Biblical principles of how to dwell and work together in a functional unity. Finally, strong team-building will be taught and modeled to create God’s Kingdom synergy in all our local and global mission efforts.

God wants to reveal how each of us specifically “fit” in what He is doing missionally among the nations (locally or globally). He also uniquely equips us for His call on our life. Live-learn environments will be implemented to dig deep in to Biblical principles of how to proactively cooperate with God in His preparation process for the short and long term works that God “prepared beforehand that we should walk in them” (Eph 2:10). Major emphasis will be placed on learning and implementing the integration of our God-given-Eph. 2:10-works, with each other in teamwork. God-led and empowered synergy in the Body of Christ is a powerful tool for extending His Kingdom throughout the earth.

Modern missions have been refining the effectiveness of creating well-rounded “homefront teams” to help provide practical ways that help cause the “frontline mission teams” to be more successful in their respective harvest fields (locally or globally). The development of strategic mission alliances, in many synergy-creating facets, will be the final and ongoing step in working towards accomplishing Jesus’ Great Commission Kingdom mandates. The long-term success of the frontline missionary and frontline mission teams depends strongly on a well-rounded homefront team effort.

Future coming time: (Rev. 5:) 9 And they sang a new song, saying,So, for the reward of Jesus’ suffering we labor on towards this future coming time: 9 And they sang a new song, saying,“Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.
10 “You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.”