Jesus changed the world with a small group of His disciples, and now wants every one of His Believers to understand that they too can gather together with 2 or 3 or more Believers to bring God’s Kingdom transformation to their sphere(s) of influence. Jesus called them, His Ekklesia (“called out ones”).

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In addition to providing periodic live mission/kingdom-cause training schools, we are also working to provide simplified, yet excellent training to Ekklesia groups for Jesus’ various Kingdom causes.

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Online Training Coming soon

We are compiling a categorized list of the pertinent training modules any Ekklesia group would need to fulfill their Jesus-mandate. Most of these will be short video trainings that any Ekklesia group can watch online (most for free), then discuss among themselves with Holy Spirit’s help. You will be able to find training modules on just about everything from personal discipleship growth, effective prayer & intercession, how to take back your sphere of influence for Christ, all the way to how to form a homefront team that sends a frontline mission team to the nation of your choice.

Follow our Facebook Page for these coming soon set of videos / materials, training resources and links.

Also watch for our future live Mobilization and Training Events.

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Mobilizing Kingdom Workers

We mobilize Believers into Jesus’ local and global causes to see His Kingdom come on earth as it already is in Heaven. We do this through various vision-casting events, that encourage Believers to band together in like-minded Ekklesia groups to focus on one or more of society’s 7 spheres of influence (Family, Religion, Education, Marketplace, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment).

We also mobilize and help train homefront and frontline teams to send disciple-making movement missionaries to the unreached people groups of the world.

We help to network these similar Kingdom causes with other Ekklesia groups focusing on the same sphere of influence or Kingdom cause, or a particular nation of the world, in order to help create Kingdom synergy. Follow our Mobilizing Events on our Facebook page.