This Army needs to be well grounded in the word of God and know how to work with the Holy Spirit to fulfill their call. Discipleship lifestyles should be woven through everything you do. The Ekklesia community live – learn environment should be designed to be reproducible anywhere in the world. The goal is to help people be true disciples of Christ and reproduce, even multiply themselves, thereby creating disciple-making movements (DMMs).

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  • Internet Search for a Bible Reading Plan that can build a solid Biblical foundation in your life. Make sure to get a strong foundation in the New Testament, then add Old Testament. There are Chronological Bible Reading Plans that give you a new dimension in Bible Reading.
  • (Home Fellowship/Communities) – The Life Model – Living From the Heart God Gave You -By James G. Friesen, & E. James Wilder.
  • (Sonship/Daughtership) – The Supernatural Ways of Royalty – Discovering your rights and privileges of being a son or daughter of God. By Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson.
  • (Sonship/Daughtership) – King Me – What Every Son Wants and Needs From His Father -By Steve Farrar.
  • (Men) – Wild at Heart. By John Eldredge
  • (Men) – The Way of the Wild Heart – A Map for the Masculine Journey By John Eldredge
  • (Women) – Captivating – Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul. By Stasi Eldredge.
  • (The Father’s Blessing) – The Blessing – Gary Smalley & John Trent PhD
  • (Growing and Multiplying Disciples) – Cultivating a Life for God – Multiplying Disciples through Life Transformation Groups (LTGs). By Neil Cole.
  • (Jesus’ Blood Covenant) – Perfect Redemption. By Dale M. Sides.
  • (Agape Love) – Keeping Your Love on – Connections, Communications, and Boundaries. By Danny Silk.
  • The Believer’s Secret of Living Like Christ. By Andrew Murray.
  • (Faith) – The Triumph of Faith in a Believer’s Life. By Charles Spurgeon.
  • (Faith) – Ever Increasing Faith – A Legacy of Love and Faith from one of the great spiritual leaders of modern times. By Smith Wigglesworth.
  • (Marriage Ministries) - formerly Marriage Ministries International
  • (Marriage Ministries)-
  • (Marriage Ministries) – Intimate Encounters – A Practical Guide to Discovering the Secrets of a Really Great Marriage. By David & Theresa Ferguson
  • (Marriage) – His Needs Her Needs – Building an Affair-proof Marriage. By Willard F. Harley, Jr.
  • (Marriage) – Love is a Decision – Ten Proven Principles to Energize Your Marriage and Family. Gary Smalley with John Trent.
  • (Marriage) – The Complete Husband – A Practical Guide to Biblical Husbanding. By Lou Priolo.
  • (Marriage) – Choosing Forgiveness. By John & Paula Sandford and Lee Bowman.
  • (Women’s Healing from Sex Wounding) – Kiss Me Again – Restoring Lost Intimacy in Marriage. By Barbara Wilson.
  • (Husbands) – If Only He Knew – Understanding Your Wife. By Gary Smalley.
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – Growing Kids God’s Way – Reaching the Heart of Your Child with God-centered Purpose. By Gary & Anne Marie Ezzo.
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – The Five Love Languages of Teenagers By Gary Chapman
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – How to Keep Your Kids on Your Team. By Charles Stanley.
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – Restoring the Christian Family. By John & Paula Sanford.
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – The Strong-willed Child – Birth through Adolescence By . Dr. James Dobson.
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – Relentless Generational Blessings. By Arthur Burk.
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – Raising a Modern-Day Knight – A Father’s Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood. By Robert Lewis.
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – Loving Your Kids on Purpose – Making a Heart to Heart Connection. By Danny Silk
  • (Child Raising/Sons-Daughters) – Raising Them Chaste – A Practical Strategy for Helping Your Teen Wait Till Marriage. By Richard C. Durfield, PHD. & Rene Durfield.
  • (Children Dating) – Love, Sex, and Relationship. By Dean Sherman
  • (Fathering & Mothering) -The Cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers – Compelling Vision for Authentic Nurturing Relationships. By Larry Kreider
  • (Renewed Mind) – The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind – Access to a Life of Miracles. By Bill Johnson.
  • (Kingdom) – When Heaven Invades Earth – A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles. By Bill Johnson.
  • (Kingdom) – Transformation – Change the Marketplace and You Change the World. By Ed Silvoso.
  • (Kingdom) – Anointed For Business – How Christians can use their Influence in the Marketplace to Change the World. By Ed Silvoso.
  • (Honor) – Culture of Honor – Sustaining a Supernatural Environment. By Danny Silk.
  • (Learning Temperaments - Children) – Every Child Can Succeed – Making the Most of Your Child’s Learning Style. By Cynthia Ulrich Tobias.
  • (Leadership Development) – Transforming Leadership - Jesus’ Way of Creating Vision, shaping Values & Empowering Change. By Leighton Ford.
  • (Leadership Development) – Spiritual Leadership – Principles of Excellence for Every Believer. By J. Oswald Sanders


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