From prayer, evangelistic efforts should be discerned from Holy Spirit, and implemented in the local and global harvest fields locally and/or globally. Therefore, friendship and other evangelistic lifestyles should be taught, modeled, and implemented throughout your Ekklesia gatherings. The goal is to equip all Believers to a level of confidence to go into the harvest fields, where God has their sphere of influence, to manifest God’s Kingdom in Holy Spirit led ways.

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  • (Evangelism) - That None Should Perish – How to reach entire Cities for Christ through Prayer Evangelism. By Ed Silvoso
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  • (Friendship Evangelism) – Winning God’s Way – Reach Your Destiny through Surrender; Enter a future of fulfillment and adventure , free from anger and fear; Exchange Your rights for God’s Rewards. By Loren Cunningham (YWAM).
  • (Evangelism) – Light Belongs in the Darkness – Finding Your Place in God’s End Time Harvest. By Patricia King.
  • (Evangelism) – The Ultimate Treasure Hint – A Guide to Supernatural Evangelism through Supernatural Encounters. By Kevin Dedmon
  • (Evangelism) – Eternity In their Hearts – Startling Evidence in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World. By Don Richardson.
  • (World Evangelism) – The Move of the Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window. By Luis Bush & Beverly Pegues.


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